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For a fall and winter piece that is the perfect blend of masculinity and modern style, this Aran Cable Shawl Collar Cardigan is the sweater for you! Made of pure Merino wool, this cardigan provides efficient, insulating warmth by trapping dead air, along with luxurious softness and moisture-wicking breathability. Authentic Aran cable stitches symbolizing Aran Island fishermen’s ropes decorate the cardigan with beautiful texture and style, contrasting nicely with the brown football buttons that fasten the front. Adding a unique touch is the elegant shawl collar that will flatter any man. Finishing off this sweater with utility and sharpness are two front pockets that can either warm the hands or hold small items.
  • 100% Merino Wool
    For all-day comfort and warmth, the 100% Merino wool composition of this rich cardigan is the perfect accessory. Merino wool is made of fine fibers that treat the skin with softness instead of itchiness, and its ability to trap dead air allows it to provide insulating warmth.

  • Aran Stitching
    Aran stitching has a deep history with Ireland that goes back centuries. Its patterns come from the Aran Islands off the western Irish coast and all have special meaning. The lovely cable stitch featured in this sweater represents the fishermen’s ropes and wishes for successful voyages for them.

  • Shawl Collar
    The demure shawl collar of this cardigan contrasts beautifully with the sweater’s bold dimensions, adding a soft yet masculine touch with a v-neck effect that makes it great to wear with both casual and formal looks.

  • Button Detail
    Brown football buttons line and fasten the front of this cardigan, creating amazing color and texture contrast with the cardigan’s Merino wool. These buttons also carry on charming, traditional Irish style with timeless grace.

  • Front Pockets
    Adding a practical and stylish touch are front pockets that give the cardigan eye-pleasing symmetry. Complemented with subtle ribbed trimming, these pockets can either warm the hands or hold small items.

  • Made in Ireland