Nodus Celtic Knot Conundrum

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Welcome to the mystical world of Celtic knots! Probably no symbol of the Celtic culture is better known or more widely used than the Celtic knot. These patterns consist of interwoven loops which are infinite - they have no beginning or end. Use logic and skill to combine the different fragments into ever larger and more beautiful, complex knots. For each puzzle - “Conundrum” - there are several solutions with varying degrees of difficulty. Soon you will lose yourself by designing your own fanciful knot patterns!

Nodus Edition 1 Light Blue - Celtic Knot Conundrum

Nodus Edition 1 Dark Blue - Celtic Knot Conundrum

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of Celtic knots. This game contains 25 light blue tiles with which you can solve 30 single color conundrums. Use logic and skill to merge the different tiles into ever larger and more beautiful complex knots. Or just chill out and copy the designs. Soon you will lose yourself in your own fanciful knot patterns. Nodus is even more fun when you combine the tiles of different colors.

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Each set contains 30 single color conundrums. Particularly impressive knots are created when different colors are combined. Each set contains a further 12 conundrums for when you have the two-color sets in Edition 1. Each color of the editions contains different conundrums.

So, if you have both colors of Edition 1 you can solve 60 conundrums with single-colored knots and 24 tasks with two-colored knots.

From 10 Minutes / For 1 Player / Ages 12+/ 25 Tiles